The Inspiration:

The Forget-Me-Not collection is a labour of love which took nearly two months to complete.  It comes from a fragile place, yet it speaks of hope for special occasions to come.  Weddings, christenings, special birthdays... full of laughter, hugs and new memories.  Until then, hold your loved ones dear in your heart.

The Making:
Thousands of tiny flowers were sculpted by hand from custom coloured clay in soft pastels.  These were used to make a range of small posies and bouquets.  There are studs, ear wires and some statement pieces.  Some pairs are finished with fresh water pearls, crystals or natural stone beads.  (Unfortunately we haven't had any sun in weeks and photo's had to be taken in a lightbox,  so no model shots this time I'm afraid. )  All of them ship in individual boxes, and gift wrapping is available at checkout.