Calabash statement earrings

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I grew up in the Karoo.  It's an arid place, semi-desert.  Where nature doesn't give up her treasures easily.  Every now and then you would see a little shimmer on the ground and find a tiger eye.  Oh the excitement!

These little sand coloured bowls feel to me like that landscape.  Plain at first sight but full of detail and small treasures at closer inspection.  The bowl shape of the earring mimic the calabash bowls made by indigenous people of the Karoo.  

Gold leaf was added to the slab of clay and shows up in unexpected patterns in the bowls.   No two are the same.  You will receive one of 4 pairs that were cut from this small slab.

These are definitely a conversation starter.

They hang from unusual oblong hoops and are very light to wear.  Ships in a gift box.