Warm winter Vanessa's

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Meet the lovely Vanessa.

This is the latest addition to my permanent shape collection.  Pieces in the collection are named after important women in my life, and show up in different colours with new collections.

Vanessa is vivacious and just a little bit glam.  I was captivated by her the first time I met her.  She always surprises me and makes my life so much more interesting.

These earrings will catch the everyone's eye with their constant movement and contrasting colour on the back. 

All colours in these are just different shades of clay.  No paint effects are used.  Through a technique called caning, the pattern is constructed out of different colours of clay and combined in a three dimensional rod shape.  This cane, when sliced, reveals the pattern in each slice.

approx 5cm (2") long - on hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks.


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