How to size your cuff bracelet

These cuff bracelets fit pretty much every adult wrist. Listed below are the steps to take, and also a link to a video showing you how.

Click here for a Video showing how to size 

Putting the bracelet on

They go on from the side of your wrist, not over your hand.
Once it's on, give it a little twist so the opening is at the bottom of your wrist.

If it's too large

Carefully squeeze the bracelet in the palm of your hand to make it smaller.  Never do this while you're wearing the bracelet as it won't come off your wrist if you've made it too small.

If it's too small

Hold both your thumbs on the clay to support it while gently bending it open.  Do small steps at a time rather than one big movement as this might crack the clay.

Removing the bracelet

Turn it sideways so the opening is on the side of your wrist.  Then pull off to the side.  The smallest part of your wrist is where your hand bends.

Any other questions

Feel free to message me if you have any other questions.  The metal on the bracelets might have small bumps in places.  This happens during the manufacturing process.  They will not affect the wear or overall appearance of the bracelet as everyone will be admiring the clay work instead ;)